Examen17result XVX E Liquid \ VG 100 Mix \ VG100 \ Blueberry \ Mint \ Strawberry \ Tobacco \ Watermelon \ E Cigarettes 10ml Bottle Electronic Cigarette Shisha Vapouriser \ Needle Tip \ Ecig \ E Cig:Examen17result
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XVX E Liquid \ VG 100 Mix \ VG100 \ Blueberry \ Mint \ Strawberry \ Tobacco \ Watermelon \ E Cigarettes 10ml Bottle Electronic Cigarette Shisha Vapouriser \ Needle Tip \ Ecig \ E Cig:Examen17result

XVX Published in October 20, 2018, 7:48 pm
 XVX E Liquid \ VG 100 Mix \ VG100 \ Blueberry \ Mint \ Strawberry \ Tobacco \ Watermelon \ E Cigarettes 10ml Bottle Electronic Cigarette Shisha Vapouriser \ Needle Tip \ Ecig \ E Cig:Examen17result

XVX E Liquid \ VG 100 Mix \ VG100 \ Blueberry \ Mint \ Strawberry \ Tobacco \ Watermelon \ E Cigarettes 10ml Bottle Electronic Cigarette Shisha Vapouriser \ Needle Tip \ Ecig \ E Cig:Examen17result

Price:£15.99+ Free shipping with Marafon-bk Prime

J Morgan
J Morgan Reply to on 14 March 2017
So far I have tried the strawberry, blueberry and mint. The strawberry is lovely and I also really like the blueberry (almost takes a bit like redbull). The mint is quite strong but I just put a tiny amount mixed with strawberry which leaves a really nice menthol aftertaste. Great delivery times and good prices, I will definitely be trying other flavours from this brand.
UPDATE: So I tried the watermelon which I really didn't like (although I'm not overly fond of watermelon in general). The tobacco flavour I also wasn't very keen on. I contacted the company to ask if I could swap these two flavours as part of their flavour swap guarantee. They replied straight away saying that was fine. One of the replacement flavours I asked for wasn't in stock, which meant I would have to wait a few days before they were dispatched (which I was fine with) but they offered to send me a third bottle for free to compensate for the wait. Really excellent customer service, they updated me when the bottle were dispatched, very quick to reply to my messages. I will definitely be using this company again. I really like most of the flavours, but it is always down to personal preference. Strawberry is by FAR the best flavour. These flavours give off a satisfying slightly thicker vapour than other ones I have tried which I love. Very impressed with this company and would definitely recommend!
det Reply to on 30 December 2017
I have been smoking for the last 40 years, average 30 a day, but I have manage to quit smoking 4 weeks ago replacing it by vaping after trying the tobacco flavour juice, I really craved for a real roll up, and struggled not to go out and buy some tobacco, so that's why I don't want to use this flavour again, I have never liked the taste of blueberry, so not keen on this one, but this just proves the flavours are pretty well spot on, the other flavours are well nice
I received a very lovely E mail after purchasing the liquids, explaining about there fair policy on flavours, If you don't like any they will swap it free of charge and do not require you to return the one you are not satisfied with, I had a prompt reply and they were willing to replace both of them, also gave me another free vanilla one as well and explained about mixing the flavour together Customer service is excellent well done XVX I will defently buy from you again
Tohmm Reply to on 2 January 2018
So much flavour for VG100 e-liquids!
The pack contains 3 fruity flavours, tobacco, and mint.
Of the 5, none can be faulted for the amount of vapour or for the flavour.
The tobacco flavour is not exactly like tobacco, but this is to be expected, it is a very good quality e-liquid.
The mint is very nice, offering the feeling of freshness that fresh mint leaves on your breath, very well emulated by this e-liquids flavour.
Of the 3 fruity flavours, it is difficult to rate them differently, they are all very nice flavours and I would recommend all of them for use on their own and also mixed into various varieties of fruit mixes to taste.
All 5 e-liquids in this pack give a great vaping experience, both in flavour and vapour quality.

Unreservedly 5 stars.
Giovanni P
Giovanni P Reply to on 12 January 2017
Nice variety of e-liquids. Best deal for the price and 100% VG for good (which usually means more cloudy vapour and not harsh at all on the throat). All flavours are really good. Strawberry by itself is king. Blueberry and Watermelon are also good. Best is mixing these three fruits and I definitely recommend doing that. I've tried all combinations (strawberry+blueberry, strawberry+watermelon, blueberry+watermelon and all 3 of them together) and they all came out so delicious I'm convinced that might be the very reason why those fruit flavours were chosen: they are perfectly "compatible" sort to speak.
Mint is just okay, but I'm no mint-lover by default so no surprise there.
Tobacco by itself is not really that good to be honest: while it does somewhat taste like tobacco (which is remarkable since there's no real tobacco in it) it is too sweet, no doubt also due to the fact that it's 100%VG (100%VG liquids tend to be sweeter than PG/VG regardless of flavour); HOWEVER mixing the Tobacco with the Mint produces a sort of "menthol cigarette" taste that is absolutely fantastic! Closest thing to a real cigarette I've ever tried. So out of those 2 mediocre flavours I got a superb one, and that's why this 5 Mix Pack is a 5-stars for me.
And again I can't help but mentioning the XVX superb customer service.
Customer Reply to on 31 March 2018
Top quality liquid, nice flavours. Although I’m not a smoker, I find tobacco flavour especially nice. It smells like fresh tobacco leaves. Strawberry flavour is great too and smells like fresh strawberries and it’s not sweet. Mint is very refreshing. Berry and watermelon are good but not for my taste. But don’t worry if you don’t like some flavour, the company will gladly send you a different flavour of your choice, just contact them by email. VG100 works perfectly with my DAPPE e-ciggy and gives a thick vape. I mix them with CBD eliquid, no nicotine, and this way you get health benefits mixed with great flavours. And last but not least, their customer service is amazing, they really wowed me.
Shane Wilsh
Shane Wilsh Reply to on 18 January 2018
I bought these VG100 having tried some free e-liquids sent to me by Alex and the team at XVX. Being a CBD user (full spectrum) it was suggested that I mix it with a thicker VG base so that the APEX can vape it better without leaks . Apparently CBD burns out coils faster and VG100 can help slow this process down. At this point I would like to thank Alex for all the advice given to me .They offer a first class consumer service and rest assured any one buying from this company can buy with confidence.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 13 June 2017
My father, a life long smoker has turned to the e-cigarette to try and give up for good. He was using generic brands and found they made him feel sick all the time like he had the flu. After making the switch to xvx e liquid he is feeling great and really loves the flavours especially the strawberry one. After ordering I was emailed directly by the company. They wanted to make sure their product was satisfactory and assured me they would give a full refund if not which I thought was a lovely touch. I would really recommend this liquid especially for anyone who, like my father hasn't yet found a brand that agrees with them
Donna Reply to on 2 August 2017
wow for vg e liquid never tasted anything so lovely a real proper flavour that lasts and smells just as good as it vapes, I've never come across flavours like this that really do have the taste like proper Strawberrys, seller outstanding with help as well, normally once sold forgotten but not with this seller so XVX I RECOMMEND LIKE NO OTHER THANK YOU
Ace Reply to on 2 May 2017
Strawberry and blueberry taste great. Mint was too strong to inhale and tasted like trebor extra strong mints. Watermelon tasted like cucumber and didn't try tobacco as I quit smoking and tobacco is rank.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 29 May 2018
The flavour is mild but not overpowering. It's very enjoyable and produces a lot of thick vapour from being 100% VG. I recommend this product, especially for those who want more vapour and a pleasant flavouring. I think these e liquids work very well with a sub ohm vape, as that is what I use with these e liquids . The customer service over at XVX is unbeatable. I would definitely buy from XVX again.
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