Examen17result Neat Ideas Microwave steamer - Adjustable Vented Lid ...Healthy Eating:Examen17result
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Neat Ideas Microwave steamer - Adjustable Vented Lid ...Healthy Eating:Examen17result

Neat Ideas
Neat Ideas Published in October 20, 2018, 7:47 pm
 Neat Ideas Microwave steamer - Adjustable Vented Lid ...Healthy Eating:Examen17result

Neat Ideas Microwave steamer - Adjustable Vented Lid ...Healthy Eating:Examen17result

Price:£4.95+ £1.95 shipping

Mike Mckechnie
Mike Mckechnie Reply to on 10 April 2017
Although this is primarily designed for cooking a complete meal for one in the microwave, we were looking for something that will cook veg for two while away in the camper (we have a multi-cooker for the fish / meat). By veg I mean such as broccoli, cauli, cabbage, half corn-on-the-cob, chopped/sliced carrot, etc

We have tried it out at home and this steamer is just perfect for our intended purpose

It has three parts: 1/ a bottom where you put the water 2/ a lid with an adjustable vent 3/ a steamer tray where you place the items to be steamed, all of which fit together very neatly

As others have said, it generally only requires a rinse under the tap afterwards, especially if you are only cooking the sorts of veg mentioned above

Also it cooks fine with cold water if you give it a bit longer. For example a few sprigs of broccoli and a couple of half corn-on-the-cobs takes 5 mins in the micro, to our taste anyway. We use tongs to remove the cooked veg to avoid any risk of scalding from the hot water in the bottom

In fact we are so impressed with this little steamer that, at the price, we will order another one to keep permanently in the kitchen!
Suze Reply to on 10 June 2016
I was sick of my electric steamer containers looking scratched and grubby, so I got a stainless steel one to sit over a pan of boiling water. Then I got sick of that taking up a lot of room.
So I tried this. I just put boiling water in the lower tray, laid some broccoli, cauli and green beans into the dish section, put on the lid and microwaved for approx six minutes.
The veg was still crunchy and had kept it's flavour.
I am very happy with this gadget.
The only downside is handling it when hot. When you remove the unit from the microwave you hold the handles on the base of the unit, but there are no handles on the middle section, so lifting it off when the water is scalding is dangerous, so you have to scoop the contents out. I would like to be able to lift the middle section off so I can carry it across to the plate. But apart from that I am happy.
evie Reply to on 6 May 2011
Microwave Steamer

I have bought 2 of these as I have finally had to throw my old ones away - they are excellent and easy to use, I only eat fish, not meat - so I use one for the fish and the other for vegetables. They are used daily and as I live alone they are great for quick healthy meals - no hassle - I simply would not be without them, the stainless steel steamer is now never used as these are so much more convenient.Excellent product
Clare Reply to on 2 January 2014
This looks like a sturdy piece of kit which is well made for the price. It does stain easily- carrot stains on first usage which does not wash off. Does not effect the operation though. Followed the instructions to the letter ie placing a substantial amount of hot water in the base before using. Carrots and potatoes do well but no better than putting them into a microwaveable pan with a couple of tablespoons of cold water and takes a lot longer. I have not been able to get the hang of doing broccoli. It is either too hard or too limp. This is the same if I do it in just a microwaveable pan. It seems to use only about a third of the water in the base with two thirds left over. Seems a waste of energy. It is a faff to boil water in a kettle first to provide the hot water. I have resorted to putting a couple of table spoons of cold water in the base which seem to give no worse results in a quicker time. The construction does not allow for heating of liquids as you would in a pan. But then, it is not suppose to. To sum up: Very good value for money for what you get. Not sure if it works as a steamer but works well as a microwaveable container for a variety of foods but not all!
kaitoz Reply to on 7 December 2015
I bought this just over a week ago ,I have used it everyday since..Its a great ,I live on my own so its just the right size for one person..It takes about 8 minutes to cook my potatos and veg..I have put Potatos ,carrots , green beans and cabbage in at the same time...Must admit cabbage was alittle overcooked ,next time I will put the other veg in first ,give it a couple of minutes then put cabbage in..Its a must in any kitchen .I am sening for one for my sister,I am so impressed with it she wants one.
Anon Reply to on 19 May 2018
Lots of space, works in very short space of time, happy to have the drainage area underneath for water to go into. Handy for when I need to steam in a hurry, which is always. Recommended.
Mykeemyk Reply to on 2 March 2015
I use it every day and get great results - just as good as on the hob but quicker. A quick rinse afterwards is all it needs before returning it to the drainer ready for the next meal. It goes through the dishwasher once or twice a week and after over a year of use isn't showing any signs of wear or fading. I'm looking out for a double trayed one now!
Mr H I Williams
Mr H I Williams Reply to on 15 March 2018
Fine works well but would have liked the handles to be on the food container not the base. This would make it easier to empty the hot water after use
TPat Reply to on 26 June 2017
Really good microwave steamer. steams veg in no time, only extra work is boiling the water before putting it in the bottom tray, but easily done in a an electrical kettle whilst you chop the vegetables to put in the steamer tray. Easily carries enough for two people in one batch.
Elsa Griggs
Elsa Griggs Reply to on 14 February 2016
Fab steamer my broccoli has never tasted better.

My tapas bowls manage most other meals, aloo saag and the like.

Takes less time than my previous steamer.

Maybe only 4-5min in the microwave.

As a veggie this suits me fine.

I only need to reheat some microwave meals with or without sauces.
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