Examen17result Not a Fan Becoming a Completely Committed Follower of Jesus:Examen17result
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Not a Fan Becoming a Completely Committed Follower of Jesus:Examen17result

Kyle Idleman
Kyle Idleman Published in October 20, 2018, 7:47 pm
 Not a Fan Becoming a Completely Committed Follower of Jesus:Examen17result

Not a Fan Becoming a Completely Committed Follower of Jesus:Examen17result

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Mr. C. Bleakney
Mr. C. Bleakney Reply to on 11 January 2012
After reading this book, I was forced to face the most challenging question I believe a Christian can ask, "Am I a follower of Jesus or just a fan?" The difference between the two answers as far as the author is concerned is a matter of life or death! I'm not so sure that I agree entirely, though, I would advocate that the difference between a mere Christian, (Someone who has put his/her trust in Christ's finished work on the cross for Salvation), and a Disciple is vast to say the least.
I do believe that in order to become a true Disciple, then, according to Luke 9:23, that the Believer must have a full surrender and dying to self experience.

The author ably describes what the true life of Discipleship looks like and what it will mean for anyone to take up their cross and follow Christ.
This is a challenging read, but to read this book and leave it down without making a choice between mere Christianity and Discipleship is not a choice!
Read it if you dare!
Vr 46
Vr 46 Reply to on 10 April 2018
Wow! A must read for all new and experienced followers of Christ. Suggested by a Pastor who visited us from America, this book made me and my husband take a serious look at our commitment to Jesus and how much we actually do to serve Him.
cynthia owusu-agyare
cynthia owusu-agyare Reply to on 30 March 2015
Brilliant book!!! It has really hit many truths about the difference between a Christian and a Real Christian. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is just beginning a new journey in Christ or anyone who has been a Christian for a long time but don't feel they are bearing fruits, For the bible says in Matthew 7 that you can identify true believers by there fruits. I believe its a great tool to get your focus right, to get back on the right path.
Easy read as Kyle Idleman is funny. He is definitely straight to the point but give worldy examples, which I think is superb, the decribe his points.

Loved this book !!
C. Binkley
C. Binkley Reply to on 8 January 2014
I used this as a guidance to teach our Sunday morning youth group, ages 14 to 18. Honestly, I found the first half of the book to be the best. The bit in the middle and the end got a bit off track, in my opinion. (But perhaps it was just off of MY lesson plan track.) We discussed how following Jesus requires action, not just decision. It includes a shift in your reputation, a change in your identity, and requires giving something up. It was very challenging for our youth. I didn't read the book to the youth, rather I read it myself and then developed lessons from it, occasionally sharing a quote or short story from the book. The overall lesson series took several months. It allowed a great entry point to get our youth group out of their seats and into the streets doing outreach and volunteer work. I would highly recommend this as a read for either a teen on their own, or as a tool for curriculum building.
a2reno Reply to on 19 September 2015
Love kyle idlemans writing and books and this is probably one of his best along with gods at war. This book sends an important message to us Christians to wake up and start taking following Jesus seriously.
Paul Robinson
Paul Robinson Reply to on 19 June 2015
If you want to be challenged, if you want the truth, if Jesus is your friend, then this book is for you. Warning, you will not misunderstand the many illustrations and calls for genuine Christianity in your personal life. This book dares you to be different.
Jonomarston Reply to on 28 March 2016
This book has challenged, and made me question whether I'm truly following Jesus, I would recommend this book to take you deeper in your relationship with Jesus
David Reply to on 5 September 2016
Wife super happy with quality and price of book
Sheena Reply to on 4 May 2017
Such a great book, challenging!
Ikonge Maraga
Ikonge Maraga Reply to on 22 December 2014
This has been a timely read. I have chosen to be a follower, a true follower and by GOD's sufficient grace HE will keep me.

"...The LORD is my light and my salvation...The LORD is the stronghold of my life..." Psalms 27:1
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