Examen17result Excel Burgess Nuggets with Mint Adult Rabbit Food 4 kg:Examen17result
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Excel Burgess Nuggets with Mint Adult Rabbit Food 4 kg:Examen17result

Excel Published in October 20, 2018, 7:47 pm
 Excel Burgess Nuggets with Mint Adult Rabbit Food 4 kg:Examen17result

Excel Burgess Nuggets with Mint Adult Rabbit Food 4 kg:Examen17result

Price:£6.99+ Free shipping with Autobit Prime

MiniatureWargamer Reply to on 19 June 2017
5 stars as the rabbit loves these things, I imagine it's Mcdonalds for rabbits (hopefully not as bad for them nutritionally speaking).

Honestly, as soon as the lid of his food is opened he charges over (like the rabbit from Monty Python: Holy Grail) ready to devour his next meal.

We keep a healthy topup of hay in his cage at all times and give him half a bowl of this each evening and apparently the vets say he is always well looked after, healthy and living a long and happy life, could be the food, could be because the wife treats him like royalty....
Grace Reply to on 5 December 2017
I've been purchasing this product long enough to know it's quality; I have many rabbits and they all go crazy for this food!! It's £22.50 in Pets at Home which is simply bonkers, so purchasing it on Amazon and having it delivered every month has not only saved me money but also eases the mind knowing the food will be coming straight to the door along with a handy reminder that it's been dispatched, it's on its way and it has been delivered. Will be adding another delivery on in the new year! The animals love it and it was recommended by the vet as the best food out there. Recommend.
Miss C
Miss C Reply to on 28 January 2017
(This review is for the Excel Nature's Blend Nuggets 1.5kg option)

My rabbit is possibly the fussiest eater around, yet these are his favourite nuggets. He's almost 9, has mobility issues and takes daily medicines so it's really important for him to have a trusted product which will keep him healthy and provide a balanced diet with plenty of fibre to avoid digestive issues. The nuggets are all identical so rabbits can't pick and choose favourite pieces, yet still taste great (according to my rabbit anyway, I've never tried them myself). I'd received a sample pack of these nuggets from another store over a year ago and have been buying them since, he still hasn't got fed up of them which is truly impressive. They don't seem to be sold in any pet stores in my town at all, but at least Amazon has them readily available. The 1.5kg standard size lasts him a few weeks. I regularly give him a couple handfuls of hay with 2 scoops of nuggets on top in addition to a few small pieces of fruit and vegetables throughout the day, his droppings are 10/10 and he's very happy.

I'd recommend these nuggets to any rabbit owners from 16 weeks plus, special needs rabbit or not - they contain everything your rabbit needs to keep them happy and healthy in addition to a plentiful amount of hay and their favourite greens. As mentioned, they must taste great if your rabbit loves them as much as my fussy guy does!
SCT Reply to on 3 December 2017
We buy this food for our six year old house rabbit. We were buying pets at home rabbit food but the pellets were quite big. Our rabbit had to have his front teeth removed because they were growing abnormally - he was three when this happened. These pellets are a lot smaller than other brands so it makes it a lot easier for him to eat. Had tried a number of other brands but this won hands down. They also sell it in a big enough bag which lasts us months.
Chris Murphy
Chris Murphy Reply to on 19 December 2016
I was advised to buy the large bag of this food for our new baby mini lop as it was most cost effective, I have to say I wasn't really prepared for quite how much 10KG really is and I think it will probably last a year.
We serve these daily, With Grass and hay and a little fresh veg available too. Rosie loves these pellets and always eats them all up pretty quickly, she seems to be thriving on them.
Bunny Reply to on 30 April 2018
My rabbits love these, we buy them a bag whenever we run out.
Out of all the pellets I've bought my bunnies seem to go crazy for these the most.
They look like they are good quality and my bunnies have never had any stomach problems eating these.
I have been buying these nuggets for about 2 years now along with pets at homes own brand.
Great food, highly recommend!
Samuel S.
Samuel S. Reply to on 19 July 2017
I've been getting these for months now and never had a bad batch!
All good dates and not the "crap"
It comes boxed and with loads of protection so you know it'll be fine in transit.
Really couldn't recommend this enough
Ellen Reply to on 5 April 2018
Nature's Blend was recommended to me by my rabbit specialist vets. I have kept rabbits for 12 years and they have an eggcupful of pellets a day, plus unlimited hay, a handful of greens and unlimited water. They are now 9 years old without any significant health issues and are a great weight for their size.

Unfortunately, though, Amazon are NEVER in stock! So much for subscribe and save, I keep ending up having to search elsewhere to find it so my bunnies are fed!
stigweard Reply to on 14 August 2017
The only processed food product our rabbits eat (when they're not eating hay, fresh long grass, tree branches or veggies). They never leave a morsel and visibly get excitable when they hear the tinkle of the pellets hitting the dish. They're happy bunnies and so are we as nothing is ever wasted. Buy in large bags for better economy.
M. Fudge
M. Fudge Reply to on 4 February 2018
This brand is recommended by my vet who is a rabbit specialist. My rabbit is nearly nine and has been happily eating this for a couple of years, having grown up on the 'classic' excel. I was a bit worried he might not like the change in flavour, but I mixed it with his original food for a while and I don't think he really noticed the change. He certainly enjoys this.
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