Examen17result Duronic TVB1120 TV Bracket Wall Mount Universal Tilt Swivel Cantilever 13" 15" 17" 19" 20" 22" 24" 30" Inch LCD | Plasma | LED | 3D | 4K | OLED | QLED TV:Examen17result
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Duronic TVB1120 TV Bracket Wall Mount Universal Tilt Swivel Cantilever 13" 15" 17" 19" 20" 22" 24" 30" Inch LCD | Plasma | LED | 3D | 4K | OLED | QLED TV:Examen17result

Duronic Published in October 20, 2018, 7:47 pm
 Duronic TVB1120 TV Bracket Wall Mount Universal Tilt Swivel Cantilever 13" 15" 17" 19" 20" 22" 24" 30" Inch LCD | Plasma | LED | 3D | 4K | OLED | QLED TV:Examen17result

Duronic TVB1120 TV Bracket Wall Mount Universal Tilt Swivel Cantilever 13" 15" 17" 19" 20" 22" 24" 30" Inch LCD | Plasma | LED | 3D | 4K | OLED | QLED TV:Examen17result

Price:£12.99+ Free shipping with Gamesbonusstar Prime

dronebox Reply to on 17 April 2017
Well built, solid construction and good finish. For the price this is just what I was looking for. The mounting plate seems very strong and it is easy to detach the arm completely for ease of fitting. I wanted to use this arm at almost maximum extension so chose to fasten it to the wall with three 120mm frame fixing screws rather than the included screws/plugs. It was good to see a range of three different VESA fixings and a couple of hex keys included with the unit. After carefully vertically aligning the mounting plate and re-attaching the cantilever arm I was very pleased to find that the 23 inch monitor I'd attached was perfectly level. Take some time aligning the mounting bracket as there is no facility to level the monitor on this budget unit. The ability to adjust the vertical angle of the monitor is a bonus but I did find removing the arm from the VESA plate made this much easier. Overall a bargain price for a well made item. The only thing missing in my opinion is a set of screw head covers to tidy up the base plate when fitted. I cut some circles from black electrical tape which did the job.
Katkin Reply to on 9 April 2018
I ordered two of these for my son's monitors. He wanted both of his monitors off of the desk. They are very cheap but very good quality. One is fixed to a brick wall and one to a plasterboard and wood partition. My husband fitted them so that they were exactly level, they were simple to adjust so didn't take too long to mount and they look great.
They are easy to fix and have all of the screws and plugs with them.
I ordered them in the evening and they arrived in the morning. I would definitely recommend these brackets and the company selling them.
Roger Reply to on 29 April 2018
Wide range of screws and bolts supplied, along with an allen key to tighten up the pivots. The bolts on the back of my Dell P2214 monitor were too short to attach the monitor to this wall mount, but they had thought of this by providing longer bolts than Dell supplied. Please note that this bracket is extremely adjustable in terms of adjusting the horizontal angle, but isn't adjustable in terms of the vertical angle. As I needed my second monitor to be facing slightly downwards this meant that I had to attach the base of the pedestal to the wall at an angle (see photo). The main pivot was quite loose initially, and when I tried to tighten it up using the supplied hex key it was very stiff, so the hex key tended to slip out, which could potentially end up damaging the hex or the key. For this reason I have given it four stars rather than five. However, this is a good product which I would certainly consider buying again. Ding dong!
Ian Reply to on 8 September 2017
For the price I wasn't really expecting much but the bracket is really sturdy and extremely well made. It comes with all the screws and plugs necessary to mount it to the wall and it also has a selection of screws needed to mount different screens to the bracket. Once I had it fastened to the wall and my screen mounted to the bracket it is very easy to adjust the position of the screen and you can also tilt it down slightly to get the best viewing angle. All in all a great value bracket and would definitely buy another one if needed.
shelly M
shelly M Reply to on 3 November 2017
Straight out of the box and my television was on the wall. Just as it says on the box no messing about putting it together just screw it to the wall, didn’t have to buy anything fixtures were all in the box . Great value for money and very good quality bracket. I would recommend this item to anybody looking for a wall bracket for their television.
David L.
David L. Reply to on 6 November 2017
Excellent TV Bracket.Well made and strong. Easy to mount on wall ,with plugs and screws supplied and included in the price.Also a selections of screws included for securing bracket to rear of tv.I checked many stores before buying this bracket ,I was concerned that the price on Amazon for the Duronic was very cheap.It is well below half price of other models I had viewed.This Duronic bracket is better quality so there should have been no concern.The bracket swivels/turns many ways .
The instructions in the box were easy to understand,even told me what size drill to use.
JD Reply to on 16 June 2018
This is a sturdy TV wall bracket & was easily fixed to the wall. It comes with a selection of VESA type screws to enable you to select the appropriate size that you require to mount your TV to the bracket. The swivel joints are not loose but allow plenty of movement when working with the bracket to get it onto the wall. Hexagonal. Allen keys are supplied to allow the joints adjustment to be fine tuned at any stage. All in all a good buy & at a good price.
john russell kinns
john russell kinns Reply to on 1 December 2017
Highest quality T.V. mount I’ve ever found. I live in an old stone built house and over the years have tried many fixtures to hang a flat TV in the required position, however until now haven’t managed it as all others only have two fixing points unlike the Duronic’s TVB1120 three fixings. Quality is excellent and would guess it could carry a much greater weight. As to other answers stating its inability in locking, can also recommend using the Duronic as a ceiling mount in the bedroom using a 24 inch Panasonic DSW504 TV.
S. Aleppo
S. Aleppo Reply to on 23 December 2013
This TV Bracket is an absolute bargain, but like other reviewers have said, you will definitely need extra washers to make it all fit together tightly. I consider myself to be something of a DIY-AHOLIC and there was no way I could make it all fit tightly without a serious rummage through my odd washers bag. However, once done properly, the thing is unbelievably strong and looks as if it could support a baby elephant. Well worth the price and a bit of effort believe me. I would not hesitate to buy another. The thing is solid as a rock and moves every which way. As for complaints about the nuts not being able to screw onto the bolt threads without using a spanner or wrench at each end......this is quite normal with these things as the screw in the thread is deliberately designed that way to stop the nut working loose in normal operation. If you could screw them all the way home with just hand pressure they would soon fall off after several TV Position changes and with disastrous consequences. If they weren't designed like this you would have to start getting messy with Loctite or something to stop them unscrewing....and who needs the aggro of that? You can get the nuts onto the threads only so far with your bare hand before you need to resort to tools. You will definitely need two small wrenches, mole grips or pliers applied to either end to continue turning them.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 19 April 2017
Compact well made bracket. Two points to bear in mind. The vertical angle was not enough for our purpose as it is installed in our caravan quite high up. So i bought longer screws and fitted spacers to increase the tilt. As it was only a lightweight 19" TV I feel confident in this solution.
I remove the TV when travelling (just four screws).
The other issue which was solved by using the spacers was our TV had a built in DVD Player which meant that the bracket did not fit
flush to the back of the TV on one side. The spacers were nothing more than nuts! So even though I had to make adjustments this was not the fault of the bracket but the TV we had.
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